I thought I might try posting again. I’ve been working on writing more online math apps for students to practice with in class (on iPads) and at home. I started with Google Apps Script, but the limitations there were just getting too annoying. Then I remembered that my home provider gave me a little space so I recently switched to normal JavaScript pages – much, much easier without the limitations.

I was really happy when I came up with a good way to practice finding area with an app. This was challenging since you can’t really hold a ruler up to your screen, but giving the measurements either makes the problem too easy or too hard. I finally figured out a way to simulate measurement in the app. That was nice. Of course, technology is still generally annoying, so I’m not entirely happy with the result. Some of the line drawing won’t work in some versions of Chrome apparently. And I wrote it initially as a Google Apps Script, which meant there was no hope to get it to work for touch devices (they don’t currently support touch events, only mouse events). I tried switching to normal JavaScript and adding touch support, but it was more complicated than I thought. The result is something half functional on an iPad. I’m considering making a real iPad app for this one. Seems useful enough.

Anyway, for those who are interested in testing some of them, here are links to some of the stuff I’ve done (some more recently than others). None of them have any “frills”. They are not pretty, but are hopefully useful: