Fun with Desmos

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A new activity for my students. I put up the following image which I made on Desmos and let them try and figure out how to graph it with linear equations on Desmos on the iPads:



Group discussion with post-it notes

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I tried a new idea today that I borrowed from Andrew Knauft, found vid Dan Meyer’s blogg.

I divided my 7th graders into groups of 4 and asked each group to decide which of the number in the set {9, 16, 25, 43} didn’t belong and why. They stuck the post-it on the whiteboard when done and then took another group’s note. They then had to say whether or not they agreed with the reason the other group gave for their decision.

At least that was the plan. The reality was that three of the groups had exactly the same number and reason (43 because it is the only prime number), a fourth group had 43 because it is the only not perfect square. Only the fifth group had anything different.

So then I pulled out another harder problem and set them to work on it. I showed the following picture with this question

“Each of the four cards below has a solid color on one side and a number on the other side. What is the smallest number of cards you need to turn over to decide whether or not the following statement is true: if a card has an even number on one side then the other side is red?”


That gave rise to a lot more lively discussion and a lot of disagreement between the different groups on what the right answer was. It was a very fun lesson.

Practice rate problems program

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I just finished my most ambitious basic skill practice app – for practicing rate problems (hastighet). It has everything from very simple problems to very hard problems. However, I have not tests all the different problem types yet, so anyone reading this who wants to test them and get back to me with any errors they find would be very appreciated. Here is the link:

ThingLink with Math Apps

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I have created another ThingLink image (once again inspired by MathyCathy) where I have collected all my math apps (plus one I didn’t write cause it fit right in). I thought this might be an easier way to organize the practice apps and make them easier to find and keep track of. I will update the image as I create or find more apps. Here is a link:

Basic Skills Practice

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Here is an updated list of some of the html5 apps I’ve made for practicing basic math skills. The first list has nice addresses:

These I haven’t made short addresses for:

A little chaotic in the listing, but I thought some of you might find some of them helpful. Nothing fancy, just a source of generating basic practice problems.